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Arriving by plane

There is both buses and taxis available at the airport. The Airport Shuttle is expensive compared to
the public transport, and the various alternatives take approximately the same time.

Route 40 and 42 is the two public alternatives which takes you closest to the apartment from here, but you also have the Airport Shuttle. The public transport normally departure every twenty minute, on different times, so they go quite often during the day.

Sometimes the Airport Shuttle is the only bus alternative available (e.g very early in the morning or very late in the night). If you’re arriving after midnight you should check with me, close upon your arrival (in case of changes in the schedules), when the last bus leave from the stop by the airport. 

The schedules are available online:

  • Airport Shuttle (eng): From the airport – to Polaria.
  • Public transport (eng): (Applications: iOSAndroid)
    • Route 40: From «Tromsø lufthavn (Tromsø)» – To «Peterborggata (Tromsø)»
    • Route 42: From «Tromsø lufthavn (Tromsø)» – To «Polaria (Tromsø)»

You should schedule your departure at least 30 minutes after the planed arrived if you have luggage to claim.

A cab costs around 200 NOK from the airport to the apartment, but it is depending on the time and day of the week. The cabs is normally ready outside the airport (especially when flights from Oslo arrive), which is just by the exit from the luggage claim. If you can’t find anyone there or need a cab for more then 4 persons, the number for the cab company i prefer, Tromsø Taxi, is +47 776 03000.

The time to get to the apartment with a cab is 10-15 minutes, and I suggest that you ask to be dropped off by the garage by the house, in the O.L Aunes gate, as this where you will find the main entrance.

Tickets for the bus

Public transport

I recommend that you buy the ticket for the at the shop next to the luggage claim at the airport, as this is cheaper than buying them on the bus. There is various kind of tickets offered, and I suggest you to at least buy two tickets, for the return, at the same time.

Price: 33 NOK pr persons.

There’s also an application called Troms Mobillett (iOSAndroid) available that works with any public transportation in the region. Used by the locals and tourists. Recommend to install before arrival. Accepts credit card.

Airport Shuttle

You buy your ticket when you enter the bus. Students with a valid student ID gets a discount.

Normal price: 75 NOK pr persons.

Find the bus stop

Public transport

Take the elevator one floor down and cross the parking lot to get to the street where the buses leaves from. The bus goes in both directions, so you have to cross the street from the parking lot as well, to get onto the bus towards the town. The trip is approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on if you’re taking route 40 or 42.

Airport Shuttle

The bus stop is located just outside the exit from the luggage claim.

Maps from the bus stops to the apartment

(Press «open map» to get a bigger map)

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