Arrived by the house

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Arrived by the house
The entrance
The entrance is from the white garage, to the left of the house.

The taxi normally let you of in the street «Kirkegårdsvegen» and this is also the street you will walk up if you take the bus route 40, are coming from the city center and where route 37 stops. The main entrance is with the garage in the street O.L Aunes gate, which you will walk up if you take the bus route 42 or Airport Shuttle.

Key for the main door

Kirkegårdsvegen 14 is installed with a keypad lock. If I’m not available at the time when you’ll arrive by the house, the code for the door (inlcuding instructions) will be sent to you through Airbnb, close upon your arrival.

The door is opened by a 6 digit lock code.

From outside:

  • Unlock, press: *code*
  • Lock, press: * (just asterisk key)

The asterisk key (*) is the lower left key on keypad

From inside:

  • Lock: turn the tumbturn to the right. A red flash will indicate that the door is locked.
  • Unlock: turn the tumbturn to the left. A green flash will indicate that the door is unlocked.

Please ensure that the door is properly in place before locking the door, and that the door is locked before leaving the apartment. If it won’t lock push hard (from outside) or pull hard (from inside) to close the door properly and lock it again.

If you have any other questions regarding this, do not hesitate to ask.

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