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Activities in the surrounding areas


Midnightsun from Fjellheisen
Midnightsun from Fjellheisen

The summer in Tromsø is very bright, between Equinox and Autumnal Equinox, where the daylight stays longer, and eventually for 24 hours. This is because the sun wont go below the horizon and may be visible all day long if it's not to cloudy.

It is highly popular to enjoy the Midnight Sun from Fjellheisen and The Midnight Sun Marathon is probably the most known activity during this season.


The authumn starts mid-august, and the days then starts to get darker again. The Polar Night starts late November, when the sun only orbit below the horizon and wont be visible at any time. The sun starts orbit above the horizon again mid january.

Northern lights
See the Northern Lights directly from the balcony.

When the days starts to get darker again you can spot the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) on the sky. The Northern Lights occurs because of particles sent from the sun that reacts when it hits the atmospere of the Earth. It is not possible to say exactly when and where you can see the Northern Ligsts, but dry weather conditions normally gives a clear (or at least lest cloudy) sky - which is necessary to be able to see the lights. The north part of Norway is one of the best places to see it and you will be able to see the lights from the city center of Tromsø, but its recommended that you plan a tour (e.g with a tour operator) so you can get away from the pollution of the city lights, to see it as clearly as possible.

In mid-November until sometimes during January, the whales are coming into the fjords to feed up on herring. The whales can be watched from a very close distance from a boat.

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