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The people in Tromsø have great pride of the nature surrounding the city. The nature has been used as an area of activity of locals for generations.

Fjellheisen at «Storsteinen, Fløyfjellet», is a great spot to get a view over the island, and is visited frequently by the locals. The hiking trail up here puts the heart pump going, but there are still many who choose to take the cable car up here, just to enjoy the view and the spacious nature around.

For ski enthusiasts, or those who would rather prefer a stroll in the woods, are choosing a walk in «Lysløypa» (a trail) or a tour around «Presvannet» (Priest Lake) on the top of the island.

In the botanical garden of the University of Tromso, The Arctic University of Norway, the arctic nature gets reflected in the form of flowers and stones.

Culture and history

Tromsø has always been visible with its participation when it comes to Arctic challenges, and has participated in several important excursions around the Arctic and been famous for its sealing.

Polarmuseet and Polaria will give you insight into these stories.

The North Norwegian art has elements of several minorities, and the The Art Museum of Northern Norway aims to collect, document and display these works of art (and more) from several ages.

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