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Arctic Cruise in Norway

About Arctic Cruise in Norway trips

Arctic Cruise in Norway offers many different kind of tours by boat and car, depending on the season and request from the guest.

During august – mars, the Northern Lights shows itself very often. Hence to the pollution from the city lights it's preferred to get outside the city, to get the nicest view, and Arctic Cruise in Norway will take you there.

From November until January/February the wales visits the fjords, and Arctic Cruise in Norway gives you the opportunity to see the wales from very close distance. They have a variety of boats, and some of them can go far distances to see the whales if they're not close by. 

If you want to go skiing or snowboarding, Arctic Cruise in Norway can take you to the untouched nature in Lyngen, which have the world northernmost alp chain. Some may, on the other hand, just want to relax, do some fishing and eat the fish.

Pickup and drop-off in the harbor in the city center.

Discount All guest at Kirkegårdsveien 14 is offered a discount at 12% on all of the tours operated by Arctic Cruise in Norway. Use the form below to make a request.

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